Frequently Asked Questions : Job Seeker

    1. Can anyone sign up as a Job Seeker on JobsLocator?

      You must be above the age of 18 years to register for JobsLocator.

    2. How do I sign up as a Job Seeker on JobsLocator?

      Download the JobsLocator app on the AppStore/PlayStore. Provide your email address, mobile number and password and complete your Personal Profile.

    3. Do I have to pay any fee for signing up or making use of JobsLocator?

      There is no fee for signing up or making use of JobsLocator.

    4. What are my responsibilities as Job Seeker in using JobsLocator?

      You must use JobsLocator only for the purpose of searching and applying for jobs advertised on JobsLocator. You must agree and comply with all the Terms and Conditions spelt out in the JobsLocator app.

    5. If there is an employer looking for someone with my skills and qualifications, will I be notified?

      Yes, you will be notified. To check the details you will have to go into the JobsLocator app straightaway or do a job search later.

    6. How do I search for jobs in JobsLocator?

      To help you narrow down your search for a job in JobsLocator, you will have to specify the Job Type and Job Function and preferred job location.

    7. How do I apply for a job I like?

      Once you have found the job you like, just click on “Apply�, make a pitch for the job and click “Send�. There is no need to attach a CV. Your profile will automatically be sent. There is no need to pay any fees.

    8. How do I know when my application has been shortlisted?

      The Employer will notify you. The status of your job application will be updated in “Applications�.

    9. How will I be informed of the interview date and time?

      When you application is shortlisted, you will be notified of the interview details. The details will also be updated in “Scheduler�.

    10. If I do not receive any response to a job I applied for, can I call the employer and enquire?

      You may call the Employer directly. The Employer’s telephone number is listed in the job details.

    11. What should I do, if I am not able to turn up for an interview?

      Respond to the Employer that you are not able to turn up for an interview and the Employer will make alternative arrangements.

    12. If I do not want to take up a job, after an interview, what should I do?

      Inform the Employer immediately.

    13. Can I request JobsLocator to help me in negotiating with Employers?

      You will have to negotiate directly with Employers.